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    infusion pump with piggy function (MP1000)

    Product Numbers: MP1000

    Product description: A. Piggyback function for infusion of extra bag of other but compatible drug during or before primary infusion B. Small, lightweight and compact with Rate mode and Drop mode C. Easy panel with number keys and function keys D.Higher precision by3-rate accuracy calibration E. 0~9 tube channels for storage of different brands of IV sets



         easy to carry and cost-effective for transport         clamp /hook for flexible fixta 

    Accuracy error rate

    ±5(±3after proper calibration)

    Applicable IV sets

    All brands of IV sets of national standard (tubing diameter: 3.5-4.5mm)

    Rate range

    1~600 ml/h



    Prime/Bolus rate


    Piggy function

    Piggy rate: 1-600ml/h, Piggy VTBI: 1-9999ml

    KVO rate

    Upon ‘over’ alarm, the pump continues at 6ml/h to keep vein open.


    AC100~240V, 50/Hz±1Hz


    T 2AL 250V

    Built-in battery

    Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 8.4V, 1600mAh

    Duration of battery

    Run continuously for over 2 hours at the fastest rate (600 ml/h) after being fully charged.

    Battery charging

    The pump starts charging the battery automatically after being connected to AC power. It needs 8~12 hours (power-on) to get battery fully charged.

    Displayed information

    Rate, VTBI, VI, air, occl, over, AC / battery symbol, L.batt., Er, door open, tube, occlusion level, piggy indicator light

    Alarm functions

    over, L.batt., air, occl, er, door open

    Occlusion gate

    “Occl” alarm shall be given when tubing pressure reaches 0.08Mpa~0.16 Mpa. The occlusion dose is ≤0.8ml. The responsive time is respectively: 2~3 seconds at higher rate (400ml/h)    

    5~7 seconds at lower rate (200ml/h)    

    35~50 seconds at very low rate (25ml/h)    

    Shell size

    130x130x80 mm (LxHxD)

    Net weight



    Class II, type BF, waterproof level: IXP3

    Shell material

    Environmental-friendly ABS plastic

    Operation conditions

    Ambient temperature: 5~40℃, atmospheric pressure: 70~106kPa,relative humidity: 20%~80%

    Storage conditions

    Ambient temperature: -15~50℃, atmospheric pressure: 70~106kPa, relative humidity: 20%~80%

    Electricity safety

    GB 9706.1-2007,GB 9706.27-2005

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