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    Infusion Fluid War

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    Infusion Fluid Warmer (W02)

    Product Numbers: W02

    Product description: heating the fluid when infusion


     W02 infusion fluid warmer


    Patent for design

     doube side warming to keep temperature stable and longer

    ● 5 ways of tubing channels for convenient use, accpet tubings of different

    lengths: 23cm, 32cm, 41cm, 44cm, 50cm


    ● 2 tubings can be warmed at the same time to save space.

    Technical Parameters

    Temperature: High, Middle, Low (adjustable),  & (selectable)

    Inlet temperature: 1525

    Outlet temperature:

    Low: 3041℃,Middle:3544, High:4044default: Low

    Temperature display error rate:  ≤2

    Alarms: When over heated, red light flashes upon a Beep signal. When the temperature goes down and returns to pre-set temperature ranges, green light flashes.(green light flashes during ‘RUN’ for easy identification of working status )

    Indicator lights:  H,M,L,RUN,ALARM,,

    Display(LCD):    temperature

    Power:  AC100-240V,50/60Hz, input voltage:≤80W

    N.W.:    500g

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