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    Syringe Pump (500II)

    Product Numbers: 500II

    Product description: syringe pump with rate mode, time mode and body-weight mode. drug name library. accept all brands of national standard syringes 5ml, 10ml, 20/30ml, 50/60ml. easy to operate and good in accuracy.



    Function and Features of Syringe Pump

    1). 3 kinds of modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Body Weight Mode.
    2). Double CPU: Making injection process safer and more reliable.
    3). Accurate & sensitive pressure sensor: Detecting occlusion pressure accurately.
    4). Injection time, dose, solution: Easy to be checked during injection process.
    5). Precision step motor: No pulsating wave even during low-rate injection.
    6). KVO & Bolus functions: Rate selectable according to actual clinical requirement.
    7). Excellent injection operation: Accuracy ensured even at small-volume injection.
    8). Unique injection supervision system: Ensures safe injection and reduces the nurse's workload.
    9). Open system for syringes: Accept all brands of syringes of national standard from 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml to 50ml, which can be self-diagnosed and displayed on LCD display.
    10). Alarms: Audio-visual alarms given in case of malfunction or operation error with machine stopping at the same time automatically.
    11). Preset volume: Automatically saved in case of unpredictable switch-off, thus ensuring accuracy of injection volume.
    12). Drug name library: As many as 200 drug names can be stored in the machine and can be checked on LCD display during operation.


    Dimension 288x130x122mm (outer shell: ABS plastic)   Power supply 50/60Hz AC100V~240V  
    Weight <3.0kg Battery Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 7.4V, 1600mA  
    Selectable modes Rate mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode  
    Fuse 220V2Ax2, 12V2Ax2  
    Applicable syringes Accept all brands of standard syringes:
    5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml
    Electrical safety Comply with the stipulation of GB9706.1-1995, EN60601-1 and UL60601-1  
    Accumulated injection volume 0~9999.9ml Maximum power consumption 25VA, can run for 5h after being recharged  
    Injection accuracy ±2%  
    Feasible syringe
    rate range
    5ml: 0.1~100ml/h 10ml: 0.1~200ml/h
    20ml: 0.1~400ml/h 30ml: 0.1~600ml/h
    50ml: 0.1~1500ml/ h
    Batteryrecharge When the pump is connected to the AC power supply, turn on the power and the battery will automatically recharge (about 8-14 hours to recharge fully).  
    Displayed Information rate, volume limit, syringe size, pressure value, battery capacity, unit of medical dosage, bed No. AC power indicator, accumulated volume, drug name  
    Alarm function OVER, NEAR, Occlusion, Low battery, Syringe disengaged, Syringe abnormal, Control abnormal, Internal malfunction  
    Electromagnetic compatibility Comply with the stipulation of IEC60601-1-2 (1993 edition) EN60601-2-24  
    Bolus rate 5ml: 100ml/h,     10ml: 200ml/h,  
    20ml: 400ml/h,  
    30ml: 400~600ml/h (adjustable)
    50ml: 400~1500ml/h (adjustable)
    Operating conditions Environment temperature 5oC~45oC, air pressure 70~106kpa, relative humidity 30%~90%  
    KVO rate 0.1ml/h~5.0ml/h(selectable) Storage Environment temperature -15oC~50oC, air pressure 70~106kPa, relative humidity 30%~90%  
    Occlusion value 400mmHg~900mmHg Water proof IPX1  
    Time mode Vol limit: 0.1~999.9ml  Time: 0~2000 min Classification Class II, type BF  
    Drug name library 200 drug names can be stored in the machine. Certification CE0197  
    Body Weight Mode Drug limit: 0.1~9999.9(mg/ug), Solution limit: 0.1~999.9ml, Weight: 0.1~300.0kg, Dose: 0.1~9999.9   Selectable unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min Applied standards Accord with the stipulation of YZB/Yue0482-2004  


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