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  • Infusion Pump (MP8
    infusion pump with
    Syringe Pump (500I
    infusion set (SM-I
    Infusion Fluid War

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    Contact Us

    You're welcome to contact us for orders or aftersales service via email: scimed@hotmail.com, or mobile: 86-13724396784 (24h at your service).

    If any question, please feel free to ask.


    Shenzhen Sci-Med Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Add:     Rm 527, 5th FL, Bldg.No.543, Str. No.5, 2 Bagua Rd, Futian Dist., Shenzhen 518029, P.R. China


    Tel:      86-755-82430703 (office)

                86-13724396784 (cell)

    MSN:     cn.machaojie@hotmail.com

    E-mail:    scimed@aliyun.comscimed@hotmail.com,  627444439@qq.com   

    Website: www.fotosav.com  

      CopyRight 2013 All Right Reserved Shenzhen Sci-Med Equipment Co., Ltd. 
      Add: Rm5C16, Building No.523, Bagualing Industrial Area,3 Bagua Road, Tel:0755-82430703 Fax:0755-82430703
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